001 Light: Revelations

One day I was watching Oprah (one of my many spiritual gurus), when I was drawn to the story of a woman who had lost her parents and two daughters in a house fire on Christmas day. She was an articulate, intelligent woman who had run her own very successful business in the past. She was talking about her experience in a mental home, because people just didn’t know how to cope with her grief. After being sectioned, she met a very wise psychiatrist who took one look at her and said.

“You’re not mad, your sad!”

girlby window4

A light bulb went off in her head, which also radiated in my own. I then recalled the accumilation of sad events that had shadowed my own existence, hiding the colour from my life causing me to want to hide in shame.

This revelation released me somewhat and I was to look at my own madness in a new light. I had been just sad all these years and not mad…

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