004 Light: 50

So this year I turn 50 yrs old and there is little to mark the occasion except my cells becoming another year older, and my beautiful children still have their faces turned towards me in love and acceptance.

No pomp and ceremony! I have chosen to celebrate this way in tune with my true self…

Those who love and accept me understand and recognise when I raise my index finger to stop them from making a big deal . I am not unhappy, in fact I am content. I currently have room to breathe mentally, I choose how to celebrate myself.

I have a very smart, beautiful daughter whose perspective on life is teaching me the art of being impersonal. A skill I never developed having been brought up by a narsasstic mother.

I don’t have to become emotionally embroiled in family drama that does not concern me.

I can live the life I have created based on my own experience and perspectives. Not that of the filter I developed in childhood.

I am finally seeing my true reflection clearly in the mirror now.

I have free will…

I choose to exercise it in order to live my best life.

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