005 Light: Free will.

We are all born with free will, so how is it, when it really matters we forget all about this inate power we have within?

How is it we are willing to put up with the same rubbish people, situation or job over and over again?

For me it is all about the difference between living and surviving. There comes a time when you just get sick of surviving and then… you want to live.

You want to live your own life, not the lives of your parents, siblings, friends,  employer or lover.

But easier said than done right?

Love, that word, that ties these entites together.

Until we come to term with what this word really means, we are slaves to everything and everybody.

It can be like an addictive drug, a soothing band aid, a soft pillow, a good sneeze or a healing kick up the backside. Some people spend all their lives looking for this love outside of themselves and never find their way back home to themselves. They are forever trapped in a void of non-being.

Not free to trully love themselves or free to love what they do. They are trapped in a world of self-sacrifing, people pleasing and self loathing.

It is only when life becomes unbearable that the move to free will is a necessity and not just a passing thought.

It is a cry to self to wake up and look inside. To say ‘no’ to neediness and’yes’ to ‘self-worth’ ; ‘no’ to being rescued and ‘yes’ to self-love and most of all, absolutely ‘no’ to sucumbing to learned helplessness and yes to empowerment.

All it takes to realign yourself is free will.

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