005 Darkness: ‘Good’ vs ‘Bad’, ‘Good’ vs ‘Evil’

What if I said ‘Good’ vs ‘Bad’, ‘Good’ vs ‘Evil’ are interchangeable. That the good can become evil, that evil can be made good. Would it shock you?

Forget the literal meanings of the words for a minute and think about the context in which these words come about.

Mostly it is ‘power’ vs ‘powerlessness’ and how this position is perceived from each position. The dictator thinks of him/herself as doing good. While the masses see the totalitarianism of their leaders has evil.

The dictators see the masses has evil because they are resented and the masses see themselves as being/doing good by rebelling against their masters.

The story of the Conqueror and the Conquerored is very different.

So why is the labelling of ‘good and ‘evil’ so static, so polarised?

Are we afraid to accept the bad in us and too happy to point a finger at the ‘other’ leaving ourselves blameless.

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