009 Light: ‘A Happy Wife is a Happy Life’

There is some truth in the statement ‘A happy wife is a happy life’.

Or my interpretation ‘a contented’ wife is a happy life’.

In conversation with a ‘contented’ friend of mine, the statement was made that women have a lot of power in relationships. Because as emotional creatures they tend to influence the emotions of the rest of the family.

Oh I know men think they are in charge even when they are abusive

 But it is still to the mother that children look for their cues. In the scheme of things a weak mother gives the bully permission showing her daughters how to be victims. While a strong mother creates a consciousness of power and choice.

An unhappy mother creates victims (I was one for a very long time); While a ‘contented’ mother creates a space for ‘warrior’ children. Who are curious, adventurous and mindful leaders of their own lives.

A ‘happy’ vs ‘contented’ mother is that a contented mother has learned to accept and embrace all her flaws. Allowing her children to see her shortcomings and having a discussion about them. 

While a ‘happy’ mother cracks under the strain of not being authentic. Creating an unattainable illusion of a fixed state of mind that is unachieveable. 

Which is what happiness is.

So a ‘contented’ mother is what I have been striving for, knowing I have done my best for my children in order for them to always feel accepted, loved and supported…

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