010 Darkness: … Where does low self esteem come from?

“What you saw, heard and experienced in childhood – in your family, in the wider community and at school – will have influenced the way you see yourself.
Examples of early experiences that could lead to low self esteem are:
failing to meet parental standards
failing to meet peer-group standards
being on the receiving end of other people’s stress or distress.
belonging to a family or social
group that other people are prejudiced towards
an absence of praise, warmth, affection or interest.
being the odd one out, at home or at school.
Sometimes negative beliefs about yourself are caused by experiences later in life, such as workplace bullying or intimidation, abusive relationships, persistent stress or hardship, or traumatic events.”

I never trully believed that I suffered from poor self-esteem, because I had acheieved so much. But completing a questionaire at work in order to increase my resilliance, yet again flagged up my self-denial of the way I had always felt.

Like I don’t belong anywhere or to anyone. That I was a freak of nature, unwanted, disliked, misinterpreted. That I should give in to these negative feelings and give up…

What a number my parents and the wider world has done to me… But am I a victim?


Fake it, till you make it!

Understanding low self-esteem.

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