Daughters & their Mothers: Escaping my Narcissistic Mother

Living with a narcissistic Parent has been the hardest relationship of my life, but it was made harder by not knowing who or what I was dealing with.

It is all now becoming clear to me, that I was competition to my mother from the day I was born. Below is a list from an article I just read. My mother has 9/10 of these traits, it is a wonder I survived.

  • Grandiosity & self Importance
  • Superficial Image
  • Manipulation
  • Neglect
  • Jealousy & possessiveness
  • Dependency/Co-dependency
  • Inflexible & Touchy
  • Lack of Empathy
  • Marginalization

In fact the only way I can survive is to runaway. It is also easy to say at 50yrs old I am still scared of my own mother. What a tragedy…

Anyways, I am glad I am learning I have not completely adopted these traits and terrosized my children too much with them. Although all parents have elements of narcessistic traits in their relationship with their children.

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