Emotional pain: “Happy Birthday today”…

School’s out for Summer Artwork by my brother aged 13yrs,  Five years later he would be dead…

48 years ago today a baby boy was born. A baby boy whose essence, pysche and soul was released into a cruel world.  But even though that world was cruel, he was a beacon of light to all who met him. He imprinted his angelic ambience on everyone, leaving behind his love for creativity, art, comic books and laughter.

He was a soul that had travelled for centuaries from continent to continent. Sometimes in chains, sometimes not. By plane, by boat, by lorry, by car to end his days in the River Thames, un-identified, unloved, unwanted.


Later dis-membered…

His beautiful hands had been cut off to identify his body.

What happens to your fingerprints when your body has been submerged in water for a long time? I must look it up.

Have you ever smelt death?

It’s actually a overly sweet sickly stench that clings to the inside of your nostrels, your clothes, making an imprint on your brain.

I know!

Some of you might be thinking, why isn’t she celebting his life rather than dwelling on his death. Well I say, there is no light without darkness. In choosing to share this with you, I would like you to know he was 15 yrs old when our parents abandoned him and took off, leaving him to fend for himself.

He was 18 years old when his pain got too much and he turned to one of many comforts he could pay for and lost his mind in the process.

And I at 19 years old was left to pick up the pieces…

“Where are your parents?” the policeman had asked earlier having discovered my brother in the wrong place at the wrong time…

There was only silence…

from my siblings and I.

What could we say?


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