012 Darkness (Colour): Black Holes

“Some black holes are a result of dying stars. Because no light can escape, black holes are invisible…”

The dark is like a blanket for me. It is not an evil or negative place, there is nothing scary there. It is safe.

Like a blanket, it soothes me. It is the place I go to in order to lick my wounds, both mentally and physically.

Like a black hole, I too am a dying star, dying a slow death. Slow enough to obsorb as much light as possible in order to re-create my inner world.

I am therefore invisible to the naked eye, in this world but not of it… The intense power of the light inside of me is fueling me.

Mostly I feel on the outside, on the fringes an outsider and I have felt this way most of my life. But this state of mind has served me well.

I am an enigma.


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