008 Dear inner child: No more ‘Malignant Melodrama’

Dear inner child,

Keep in mind who and what you want to be.

Monitor the voices you let inside your head.

Your relationship with a greater power is a personal one, never be ashamed to praise the source of your strength…

The source of your strength being the voice inside your head that tells you to look at the beauty in this world. Be aware of the ‘infinite energy’ that can neither be created or destroyed…

There are many names for this energy.

The type of energy that when you tap into it, everything becomes alined, balanced and contentment is restored.

Even before you were born you had to listen to, obsorb the negative rants of a dis-satisfied, bitterly unhappy mother. In fact you did not want to be born into this world, knowing how much pain and terror you would experience.

But your higher power had other ideas, ‘you can do this…’ it keeps saying. ‘You are made of strong stuff, you are not mad, just sad’. And that sadness has a story to tell of centuaries old misinformation. Of opportunities lost to unseen forces stronger than aloy.

It is time to speak.

4 thoughts on “008 Dear inner child: No more ‘Malignant Melodrama’

  1. Great words.
    The inner thing plays a vital role. I don’t know what it is, that’s why I call it ‘thing’. It doesn’t scream, it whispers. It says the truth. We just need to listen to it carefully.
    Live well. 🙂

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    1. Yes, like a child it only sees what is in front of it. But being unable to question what is happening or change what is happening is the biggest injury to the soul, until you are grown. Even then one can only draw strength from the fact one survived to tell the tale…

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      1. True. No one cares about the soul. It’s only you who cares about it. It’s like people want to see the mansion but they don’t want to know how much bricks were put to build it.
        Thanks for the concern. 🙂

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