010 Dear Inner Child (Colour): put on that cloak of ‘bestability’

Dear inner child,

Put on that cloak of ‘bestability’, let it merge with your dark skin saturated with light.

Step outside your front door and dazzle all those who want to belittle you with their withering stares.

Dazzle them with the shimmer, like crushed diamonds, your rays are too much for their stares. They look away quickly, because they are intolerant to the intensity of your brilliance.

Like krptonite your dark skin causes fear, super human powers of the mind. Breed for super strength and speed after centuaries of indoctrination you have not imploded.

Although some do…

‘Be your best self’ Oprah says, no matter what.

I have more than diamonds between my thighs Maya.

I have stars in my DNA.

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