016 Darkness (Colour): Let’s talk about…

Talking about racism is like entering a dark room, it is quiet enough to hear a pin drop…

You switch on the light to find your bearings, but the floor is moving and shifting under your feet, cockroaches are scattering everywhere, (cockroaches are a representation of false ideas in the mind). Like false news they scatter to contaminate. They don’t like the light, revealing too much about their misguided beliefs.

Eyes wide (deer in a headlight!), being wrong is excruiating and to be avoided at all cost. It hurts deeper, to the core, it shakes your foundation.

But it’s ok to be wrong! To make mistakes. Learning is a life long activity.

As long as you are willing to learn from your mistakes in being ignorant to the facts, understanding the loss, the unbearable pain of rejection, prejudice and misrepresentation. The shadowy mists that surrounds all People of Colour (POC)

I am with you.

I am with you as long as you are willing to learn about my pain. I am with you all the way cause love is better than hate.

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