012 Dear Inner Child: We are ‘Somebody’

I am somebody,


Reverend William Holmes Borders, Sr. (1905-1993)

The phrase

“I am Somebody”

Popped into my mind has I ruminated on my working week. I couldn’t remember where the phrase came from so I goggled it. LOL!

Anyway turns out the phrase is associated with Jesse Jackson a civil rights campaigner. But it was originally written by  Reverend William Holmes Borders, Sr. (1905-1993).

Isn’t it amazing how words can inspire you?

In talking about my experience of racial profiling I don’t want to aliennate my white family and friends. It just hurts that I can’t seem to shrug off the shadowy cloak of racism and predjudice immediately, so it doesn’t affects my life. So it doesn’t cause me to have negative emotions biting into my skin (like pins & needles literally).

That dark syrupy molasses of down-ness that threatens to engulf you. That gluey stickiness that wants to shake hands with depression and anxiety

You don’t even have to see it coming, you can feel it even before it makes itself known to your psyche. Like the bony fingers of a ghoul seeking to frighten or upset you.

But like Sydney Poiter said in his autobiography (the measure of a man). It is important to forgive those who treat you differently, for they trully don’t know you at all. They only know of the sterotypes on TV and are afraid.

So do not despair, instead have empathy for their ignorance. My only regret is that I forget to think this way in the midst of the situation.

But I inch ever closer to a quick recovery.

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