013 Dear Inner Child: ‘the self’ is a construct…


Did you know that Thandie Newton, like my daughter (currently) attended Cambridge University and read Anthropology?

I just listened to her talk on ‘otherness’, the ‘other’ a side effect of the self I have been trying to make sense of, to understand. Only to discover that ‘the self ‘is a construction of perception, other people’s perception.

That, ‘the self’ doesn”t exist.. only ‘oneness.’

Light bulb moment!

I kind of understand ‘perception’ because of Jungism, but didn’t quite reach far enough to apply it to my self image.  My self image created by ‘other people’ projecting their thoughts and feelings on me based on sterotyping, ignorance and fear.

That shadow layer that hides my true self and my connection to my ‘Higher Power.’

I feel lighter making this discovery. my ‘nothingness’, a clean slate to be whomever and whatever I choose to be.

I am the empty space inside a empty picture frame. I am the empty space reflecting light…

So no matter what people throw at me, the core of me is like teflon. It cannot be destroyed, pretty much like my ‘Higher Power’ – ‘Energy’, which can neither be created or destroyed.

The only time I get destroyed is when I identify with ‘the self’. Which isn’t even me.

Thandie Newton – on ‘Otherness’ (Ted Talk)

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