Daughters & their mothers: A 96yr old mother & her daughter still enjoying each other’s love.

Today my colleague shared with me that she was going to visit her 96yr old mother before christmas. This particular colleague has taken the time to have a proper conversation with me since I started my new job. She is aproximarely 3.5ft tall, fiercely independent, a manager and funny has hell.

I listened has she recounted that her mother was on her last legs, but her strong, funny, free spirit still flashed out of her like a rebellious beacon at death.

In her youth, she sent money to support Nelson Mandela, she could be found at Greenham Common on a day day. She was im the WREN during WW II. But most of all she is humble enough to despair over her daughters doing better than she did career wise. My colleague being who she is, reminds her that they couldn’t be who they were if she wasn’t who she was…

I did not share my lack of relationship with my own mother. But kept telling her how lucky she was to have a great relationship with her mother.

A mother who instilled enough confidence in her daughter to take on the world no matter her size.

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