#6 Happy Family: Perspective

If you are feeling absolutely, isolated and crushed this Christmas, know there is someone more crushed than you, less crushed than than you, who will succeed in ending it all, so as not to be so crushed any more…

Not me, I am not there yet,  or hope I will ever be, even though the emotional pain is excruciating. To not have anyone in your immediate family happy to acknowledge your presence, well.

Currently listening to Luther Vandross’ Christmas album I understand the pain you are feeling but he always gets me in the mood, and I forget for a moment that I am unwanted. Find something to do, to occupy your self with, to pass the time if you are alone this Christmas. Buy an adult colouring book. Go for a walk, really look at your surroundings. Greet the people that acknowledge you as they walk pass, even if it is your only human contact this Christmas.

I usually spend Xmas with my father-in-law and kids, but I am spending Christmas alone this year as my ex has decided to  spend Christmas with his Dad. He will be bringing his 3rd wife with him, who is lovely but who wants to be a third wheel? The kids are going to join him along with their aunt and cousin. I am beginning to feel the isolation now, having started drinking before 12pm. Bailey’s and Rum & Ginger beer, Dark & Stormy, (name of the cocktail.)


It’s Christmas right? When everyone drowns their sorrows, even if they don’t admit it…

But seriously, feel the loneliness, the anxiety, the rejection and choose to live.

Life is what you make it

and there’s always ‘Strictly come Dancing’, Christmas TV, Christmas food, etc etc.


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