#7 Happy Family: Who made the rule you have to be happy at Christmas?


I guess what I’m trying to say here is Jesus is ‘down’ with the SAD, so stop giving them a hard time!

I went to a Picasso exhibition in Londin earlier this year, and saw some magnificent pieces of works created in the 1940’s when the worst carnage was taking place, with the annihilation of the scape-goat population and anyone else who opposed the evil leader of the German people back then. My colleague and I wondered how such beauty could be created in the midst of such horror.

The church I was forced to go to, while growing up, had ladies parading around in £100 hats, saying they had to look good for Jesus. When I questioned the Pastor he agreed, looking at me pointedly, as I was dressed in ripped jeans (art student don’t you know!)

Anyway, why can’t we meet people where they are in their Journey. I asked about the tramp who might want to come in from the cold. Would he be stopped from entering the church because of the way he was dressed. I know the world has changed with radicalisation etc, but the mentality ill or sad have also become the ‘other’ wrapped up with every undesirable in society.

Even though he or she may be wearing a business suit and look quite ‘normal’ (whatever that means…), fear and loathing is growing.

So you have Uncle Bob or Aunt Sally sat in the corner at their family gathering, instead of finding out what is making them quiet, the whispering starts, the judgement…

“Party pooh-per” they shout.

It is ok!

I have my Krakken waiting at home.

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