#9 Happy Family: By invitation only…

It’s not for a lack of invitations that I am spending Christmas alone, it is  by choice…

I often find that when I am the odd one out in a family situation it heightens my anxiety of being a spare. So I have gracefully declined all invitations and signed up to volunteer in an assisted-living home for Senior Citizens.

I hope I am accepted to being useful to those less fortunate in truly being alone towards the end of their lives.

It’s rather poignant that I am doing this at this time. That I am looking to ease the loneliness of other women, men, mothers, fathers, grandfathers or  grandmothers. There’s a saying

God helps those who helps themselves.’

Well I am done with wallowing in self-pity it’s time to be proactive in my sorrow.

I now understand what human-‘being’ means and that we are all connected. Black, White, Orange, Beige, Polka-dot…

So if your family rejects you…

feel your despair, but look up long enough to see the pain in others too. Then you might not feel so bad about your reality.

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