#10 Happy Family: Ancestral Identity


Yestsrday I was watching a series of documentaries on Bjork who I absolutely love and adore. As I listened to her speaking, I suddenly realised as she said

“I come from a long line of Icelanders about a thousand years worth. Unconsciously I know who I am, so I don’t have to explore or justify it consciously. This frees up space to consciously explore music.”

It made me think, well I come from a long line of great people too.

When my school peers made fun of my unique nose, I reminded them that this nose travelled generations to sit on my face, so shut up! My ancestors had also given me enough fire in my belly to fight back.

So I forgive hope for making me want a different past. The collective experience of my ancestors (namely my grandmother amongst many) has given me enough to know myself unconsciously, so consciously, I can rise.

It will be there, I must choose not to ideudify w

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