001 Learning to love yourself: Elevens

One of the side effects of being tired, stressed, worried or sad is frowning alot. You begin to look permanently angry or frustrated by the two frown lines in the middle of your forehead.

These lines are called ‘Elevens’ because they look like the number ’11’

So even though, you maybe finally feeling good about yourself, your face still has the imprint of your pain.

My mother’s really strong ’11’ indentation on her face has (still does) haunted me. Haunted me in the sense it showed her dislike, distaste, disgust and intentional distruction of me.

Even if these lines were mis-representations of anger, rage or maybe even her own pain and depair. She made them true and real for me by acting out on them and using me has her scape-goat. Her face then came to permanently represent terror for me.

So… Now I just turned fifty years old, I am suddenly conscious of becoming older. I see lines becoming more permanent and losing their fight with gravity.

Now I want my outside to match my inside, as I have been forever young at heart. Not in a vain way of course, but has part of a regime of taking care of myself. Connecting with myself.

Meet Fumiko Takatsu and Eva Fraser two Japanese ladies I came across in my search to a solution to my own ’11’ begining to take form on my face.

I am not my mother therefore, my intention has never been to act out the meaning of these lines, so I want to correct them without ‘Botox.’

I have already tentatively tried Fumiko’s face yoga method with circular rotations on my forehead and I can feel the tight rigid muscle’s relax.

I also purchased ‘Frownsies’ patches to wear overnight to prevent unconscious frowning while asleep. Something I think I do alot out of sheer exhaustion working full-time and I will keep you posted on their effectiveness.

Take a look for yourself by clicking on the links below.

Eva Fraser


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