#12 Happy Family: Helping hands, CANCELLED…

Unfortunately my offer of help is not needed today, so I am taking the time to slowly revamp my blog. I now have purpose to my life and what better than my spiritual guide to spur me on.

I am not overly religious but yesterday I attended an Anglican church service sung Christmas songs and thoroughly enjoyed it. Also another establishment I had offered to help. To my suprise I spotted one of my ex-work colleagues singing in the choir. Destiny?!? (I CHOSE to go) It also turns out she has left the job we shared and we work for the same organisation again now. Spooky or synchronisation?

The message was also about challenging yourself, to fully commit to goodness, self-improvement, to take a leap of faith. Which is exactly what I am doing writing this blog.

Even though the wounds still exist and the pain of isolation and loneliness. Some self- inflicted, intentional and welcome, but other parts still like skin, cannot be rocked, primal.

I feel hopeful of taking part in my future my life and not letting it just happen to me (fate).

I am looking forward to meeting my destiny.

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