002 Learning to love myself: ‘Frownsies’ the saga of ‘Elevens’ continues…


Who knew? Who knew that they have specific treatments for frowns without botox.

I have been a late-comer to everything. Make-up, relatioships, flirting (I’m not even sure I know how) and if it happens I am not even sure if I did it?!?

Anyway, getting off topic. So my strips have arrived in a neat tiny box, like jewelery. I’m already thinking how the hell is this going to work?

I am constantly massaging my forehead or specifically the space between my eyes now. All of a sudden it seems I have canals or trenches scored into the collagen just beneath my skin. I can literally track it all the way to my hairline. It sounds worse that it us, really!

When did this happen? I have never been a girly girl so did not pay much attention to my face except to wash and moisturise. Make-up, meh! The basics foundation, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil (Kruella Dival) I hear you think… Nah, not really, doing my eyebrows is an art form.

Again? Side-tracking. Going back to the crackline in my face (‘the fault in our stars’, wasn’t that a film?) Turning fifty is certainly getting really interesting, now the cement bag comes out to try and fill in the crevice lines. To hold on to youth cause I’m only 17 years old on the inside.

More later…

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