007 Enlightenment: ‘Great Expectation’

The one word that can cause stagnation forever is…


Mostly expectations from parents, peers, work or yourself. Sometimes there is no control over some of these ‘Expectations’, namely ‘Rules’; ‘Rules’ for health and safty and “Rules’ for law and order.

However, it is the expectations laced with emotions that bind most. The ones that if ignored, causes anxiety or  fight or flight.

Uncomfortable feelings that feel primal, a threat to life, threatening in the form of isolation, despair, rejection.

But the best lesson to learn is to balance the expectations. Separating them from any emotion, weighing them for their worth to your existance.

Asking these questions,

  1. Does this expectation add or takeaway from my life?
  2. Who’s life is it anyway, do I own the deeds to my life story or did someone else dictate it to me?
  3. Is what I expect of myself realistic?

If I can answer these questions honestly without terror, then I am bolder than I have ever been.

I have grown into myself and what I want for myself.

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