008 Enlightenment: And a ‘Contented’ New Year to All!🎉

“A New Year full of Contentment for All.!”

Earlier I re-phrased the saying,

“A happy wife makes a happy life.”


“A Contented Wife makes life Content.”

Well I am applying the same change to my new years greeting.

Being contented is so under-rated and unappreciated, stuck between ‘Happy’ or ‘Sad’. On my spectrum of emotions I am all of these labels, but the one I like best is, you got it!


It’s like Goldilocks (well in my case, Goldi-dreads) finding the tinest, softest bed and closing her eyes, before whispering ‘just right!’

Why contentment you say? It takes the pressure off myself to be any ‘one thing’ or ’emotion’ exchanging emotional labels as and when they apply.

I go to a place in my mind where I remind myself what I already have. And also knowing the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’.

A quote from Tyrus Wong, the unknown, unrecognised creator of ‘Bambi’ who died last year.

“When his daughters were small, Mr. Wong encouraged them to make art, as his father had encouraged him. Yet he would not let them have coloring books.

The reason was simple: He did not want his children constrained, he said, by lines laid down by others”

Draw your own pictures and colour outside the lines folks. Life is what you make it…

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