004 Learning to love myself: How I celebrated NY

So NYE both my lovely kids decide after spending Christmas with their Dad and extended family it was time for some Mummy time.

My daughter and I go shopping, we bump into one of our favourite neighbour and friend. All seems to be going well.

Dinner is outstanding steak and homemade chips and a couple of glasses of ‘Yellow Tale’ red.


Suddenly I come over all perculier, aching shoulders, hands, legs. My head feels stuffed with cotton wool. Am I having an allergic reaction to the tanin in the wine, it’s happened before.

I can’t seem to stay wake, I unroll a double sleeping bag and coocon myself inside. The kids start poking me to keep me awake. Shouting Mum at intervals enough for me escape and go to bed for 30 mins.

It’s ten minute to midnight. My daughter comes to get me. I am aching really badly I can barely climb down the stairs.

It’s 12am we hug each other and wish each other a happy and contented new year.

I bail and go straight to bed feeling rotten.

But what an acheivement I made the effort to celebrate as best as I could. I made it downstairs to be with the ones I love.

Usually I shut myself away and climb into my cave.

Baby steps…

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