003 Life is for the Living: “Boom for Real!”

Drugged up to my eyeballs…

It’s another worst flu I have ever had, but I was determined not to miss Jean Michel Basquit’s exhibition at the Barbican in London yesterday. There seems to be a pattern developing with getting flu at the end of the year, I guess cause I am not functioning on adrenaline and my body has lost it’s natural superhuman force. 😨😆😂😷

An artist has never meant so much to me has he did or does.

A shy, young, beautiful, handsome Black man in his prime, expressing himself as best he knew how. As a GRAFFITI artist to express his unprocessed and rebellious thoughts. Tall slender, with an angelic face tortured by the many personnas inprinted on his psyche because of the colour of his skin. His bromance with Andy Wharol… it was a beautiful thing the media tried to sully.

He couldn’t get away with just being an artist like he wanted, they wouldn’t or didn’t allow him to. Labels forced him to have multiple self-portraits mainly in the form of successful Black men in sports or Jazz music and music in general.

His fascination with anatomy made it seem like he was a construct of the the mind, sometimes menacing. With Super-human strength almost as though those born with dark brown skin were breed with super human powers causing lesser humans to ‘be afraid’. All in the mind of the fearful though, that’s why they cross the street right?

“It Could have been me!” Inspired Defacement in tribute to his fellow artist Michael Stewart.

Brutalised and killed by po-lice in 1983. My brother would have been 13yrs old then, when he too was drawing comic strips at school, who knew he would suffer the same fate 5yrs later…? He had never been in trouble with the po-lice he was an artist tall, handsome, beautiful…


I am so angry, when will incidents like this end?

Jean Michel captured this construct of himself beautifully. Unfortunately it is the very thing that would end his life at 28yrs old. His anxiety over sustaining the image built up of him that had given him fame. He just couldn’t handle the possibility of losing it all.

Jean Michel you continue to inspire me.

Tribute to: Jean Michel Basquit

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