Sad not mad mother: well-adjusted children.

Is it possible for a mother who suffers from anxiety and depression to raise well adjusted kids?

Well the answer for me is, yes. I most have done something wonderful in my previous life to have such great kids. I don’t know how it happened. There I go again, taking myself out of the picture of my life with those statements.

Of course I know how it happened. I made every effort to surround them with love and attention. Stooping to their level. I also explained my flashes of ‘sadness and madness’ so they would understand that they were not the source or the reasons for it.

Kids are never too young to understand how the mind works or doesn’t work.

Luckily at school these lessons were backed up with ’emotional intelligence’ in PSHE a government programme to teach children how to manage and protect themselves personally, socially and health wise. Wish I had gotten that opportunity growing up.

Anyway no use crying over spilt milk.

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