Family Dynamics: Trauma Bonding, ‘there has to be another way to live this life’.

A child is already disadvantaged in their ability to relate to other people by the trauma they have suffered. It carries through to maturity and beyound. Can this learning be unlearned? Yes! But it is damned hard work and in order to be successful it will take making a commitment to love yourself. Start with … Continue reading Family Dynamics: Trauma Bonding, ‘there has to be another way to live this life’.

Chp 4 Otherness, with loving kindness: Evie…

Yesterday I met an angel... Going for a walk with my colleague on my lunch break, I invited myself to meet her daughter and grand-daughters at play. "Where's the monster?" My colleague says chuckling while looking for Evie who I'd heard so much about. The play area is filled with parents and their young ones. … Continue reading Chp 4 Otherness, with loving kindness: Evie…

I Am The Wisest Man Alive, For I Know One Thing, And That Is That I Know Nothing…..What Does That Make Me If I Am Nothing?

The older I get, the less I know… I am comfortable with this –  Eva Moody.

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Surviving the affair....the cheaters perspective


I think it is the most powerful thing in the world, no, make that the universe.  It is something everyone strives to avoid, yet it is essentially what we all end up with when we die.


When we are born we have nothing.  We rely on others to care for us and give us the things we need to survive.  We quickly latch on to those things for we innately know they are needed for survival.  Even the love of our parents is not something that we begin with, but we quickly learn what it is and understand we need it to survive.  Babies who get nothing don’t survive long.

As we grow we are taught to become something in life.  You don’t want to grow up and be nothing, be a nobody.  We are pushed to excel academically, athletically, even emotionally with relationships.  We are socially driven to…

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