Chp 2 Otherness with loving kindness: The puddle…

Morning has broken…

So, I am walking to work at 7.40ish am in the morning. It had been raining all night. There is a great big puddle on the pavement.

Another commuter on legs is coming towards me. I have my buds in my ears my hood up. Mentally I am preparing myself for combat, why?

I expect to be challenged through the mere fact of my being.

We come face to face, we look at each other expectantly, my smile is hesitant.

I am taken by suprise when she steps to the side with an even bigger smile, I don’t expect and lets me pass first. I smile back and chuckle in gratitude.


How much our minds buy into sterotypes, creating drama, before any actually happens.

God Bless the white girl who smiled… and the brown girl who smiled back.


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