Chp 4 Otherness, with loving kindness: Evie…

Yesterday I met an angel…

Going for a walk with my colleague on my lunch break, I invited myself to meet her daughter and grand-daughters at play.

“Where’s the monster?” My colleague says chuckling while looking for Evie who I’d heard so much about. The play area is filled with parents and their young ones. I am out of practice and feel overwhelmed. There are children running everywhere. I am tripping over foam balls when suddenly a whirlwind arrives.

Golden haired, free spirited ball of curiosity, adventure and fun.

She latches on to grandma who is holding her chilled baby sister. We greet each other and then she is off into the ball pit showing us her skills.

Suddenly it’s time to leave, grandma gets a hug and then she walk over to me with her arms out. I stoop down and give her a squeeze.

My heart melts…

I was nervous and conscious of how she would view my otherness, but to her I was approachable and huggable.

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