Self Love: 3 Billboards Ebbing, Missouri

So I book to go to the cinema on friday night by myself. I picked the only film showing right after work at 5.40pm, which turns out to be ‘3 Billboards Ebbing, Missouri. I purchase a large glass of Merlot and a packet of mature cheddar crisp.

I submit my ticket and go to take my seat. I am sitting next to a couple, my seat is being used as a rest for the husband’s coat.

He says

“I was told no one would be sitting here”

nervously, I do not reply. I take my seat. He seems more nervous now, I am starting to feel uncomfotable and a little annoyed. An advert comes on for a play, the characters are Black, Asian and White.

“Probably about racism” he says.

The title comes up, marriage of Figaro. I sigh loudly and I sip my Merlot or rather take a big gulp to relax myself. The light comes on before the film starts. I reach for my pocket to silence my phone. He says

“These seats don’t have much room do they?”.

I agree, his wife then joins in the banter.

I gush in my most upperclass English speaking voice. We are now cinema buddies.

I feel happy, independent, liberated and proud of myself for taking myself out on a friday night by alone. Avoiding emotional ‘pot holes’ and having a jolly good time.

The film is outstanding, irreverant, politically incorrect and funny as hell, despite being very dark. Woody Harrelson, Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell were amazing.

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